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About Us

We are a family owned  Artisan Coffee Roaster. Our Roaster is located near Purcellville, Virginia. We have a retail Coffee location in the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlet Center, Leesburg, Va.  We specialize in Premium Mountain Grown Coffee from Peru,  grown in a shaded, bird friendly, organic environment, in one of the finest coffee growing regions in the world. Our coffee comes from the Villa Rica / Chanchamayo region of Peru.  We select green coffee beans directly from coffee estates in Villa Rica and Chanchamayo. In addition, we grow our own coffee on our farm, San Lorenzo, located in Chanchamayo, Peru. All of our beans go through a rigorous selection process. Our beans are hand picked, hand washed and sun dried. Then, only the best of the best are selected for roasting.


To bring you the finest premium coffee in the world. To do this, we start with select green coffee beans, mountain grown in one of the best coffee growing environments in the world. We then masterfully roast our beans, to bring out the choice flavors desired for a premium cup of coffee.


McCawley Coffee Roasters Company